The Insurance Companies and Americas brave new world!

August 14, 2009

I see those people standing there  screaming their nonsense like they are holy rollers speaking in some unknown tongues. They are there like those who were there for Jim Jones. Like Rush they try to drown out others who try to reason.  Jonesers don’t reason they are believer. They are driven by fear and they want others to feel their fear. They were right. They wanted a America like it used to be.  Excuse, what a load of turd blossoms.  They get their kicks frightening the old, the handicap, of those who have down syndrome. Thanks mostly to the Insurance Companies.   They have their charts and grafts that tell us how much we are worth at a certain age.  How much we are worth as the years go by. How much we can contribute to the “pot”.  They tell us those who  by America standards have no value.  It is the rampant Capitalist  society  that weighs our flesh and tell us what it is worth in the scheme of things.  So they can conceive what it would be like to have death panels.  They understand death panels because it is their dream not our government. They understand the profit and loss sheets. When someone dies in a plane crash, they can tell down to the penny what that person was worth.   Those are the one we really need to watch. Their emotionless approach to human value and cost of it  like we are all throw away human trash.   We Americans believe the lies  because we have put a value on everything and everyone.  Fat people are worthless than slim.  The pretty are worth  more than someone ugly.  The rich are worth more than the poor.  The darker the skin the less value you have.  The old are they even worth a thought.  All those so concerned about granny haven’t seen her in months. She is some rest home somewhere.    These Jonesers  are seriously the scum of the earth.  The are the Jonesers, who follow like sheep.  They check their conscience at the door.  They buy and sale patriotism and that is good ole America.  They scream like the jackels they are.  They frighten only themselves.  Do we really want insurance companies with their profit and loss sheet deciding our fate.


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