What A fine mess you got us into you idiots, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly

August 13, 2009

You are wondering why we are such a big mess. I mean the Birthers, and the Deathers, the racist and the whole far out right dead wingers.  Well, it’s really because of the radical Right miscalculations.  With the leadership of Rush Limbaugh and all the talking heads of the Right we now have a black President.  They are the responsible for all the problems we are now in.  Their Karl Rovian planning has gotten us to where we are.  I laugh because no one has held the Boss responsible for his actions and misdeeds.  First of all, Rush believed that most Americans were just as racist as he was.   A big mistake people who only listen to the sound of their own voice.  So what does he do.  With the help of all the maggot mouths of the Right. They defeated the only person who could lose the Presidency, Hillary Clinton.  They brought in their verbal hit teams and literally gave the nomination for President of the United States to Barrack Obama. Thank you Mr. Limbaugh, if that in fact is your name.   All the planning in hell, and that’s what it was, could put the Republican Party back together again. So when all you ditdo head start talking your shit, just remember who got you where we are today.  They have taken the Republican Party to a Party of white trash trailer Parkers,  bottom feeding toothless intellectuals and mindless brown shirts that the Republican Party always falls back on when the true Republicansleave the Party.  My question is when will the clowns shut their pathetic mouths and give the Republican Party a chance to recover.  Like the fake angry protesters at the town hall meetings they have drown all civil discourse.


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