Religious healing, America’s new healthcare!

August 7, 2009

The Insurance Companies have just won your health and your soul.  You have been screwed again  To quote Rush Limbaugh. ” You have bent over for the rich and powerful and for what you really deserve”. A big fat green weenie right up the wazoo.   The Right talking heads own you like you are their bitches.  Which you are.  They have played you like a Stradivaris. Eight years of George Bush and you all still fall for the Republican tricks and games. More frigging power to them. We always get what we deserve.  I hope it works out for all of us on the “Ship of Fools”. The thing is the damage the Republican Party has ‘blessed’ America with is not over.  The joke is truly on the those health care providers that will suffer from the still ailing economy.  The fools were the ones that would have benefited from health reform.  Their greed is matched with Wall Street.  Religious healing will be the order of the day. That will be America new health care. Good luck with that idiots! America there is no cure for stupidity.


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