White Americans turning black!

July 30, 2009

Racism comes in all colors, huh

Racism comes in all colors, huh

I love to see white Americans crying like little girls. The whites are now the ‘poor ole me’ bunch. I just heard that God gave America to the white folks. Apparently not.  There is nothing worse than a white whinning city boy.  Did I say boy. It appears that the white man’s ego is fragile. They have to make up stuff so they have a reason for being here. I mean, God gave us America. Excuse white boy, God gave you a body and mind. That’s it. The white man for years has opened the Bible to justify any and all things evil he as done. I hear now the white Jesus crowd is now loving Hitler and admiring what a fine person he really was except for the fact millions died because of him. But Hitler had focus.  Which is something that white men don’t have. I guess. Pussy is usually the focus of most white men. As it should be.  That guy out in California, that Warren guy and preacher who was at the inauguration, loved Hilter cause Hilter had focus and determination.  His thoughts are you can conquer the world if you have focus and determination. The only problems was Hilter lost and killed himself. That was focus.  Back to the subject.  I didn’t know we had so many black people who were smart and had really important jobs. I thought they were all in the hood listening to rap or selling drugs. Now I see that all those white guys were trying to convince us all blacks were sub-human.  All the white preachers telling racist lies and selling us a line of shit. The white man’s ego is a delicate thing.  Why else would they have destroy races and civilizations all over the world.  It appears we are a bunch of mommies boys. Unable to withstand any competition from any other race.  Maybe the white race is too weak and whiny to survive.  Glenn Beck has turned into Jessie Jackson.  The minority leaders of Congress should wear black face because they are sounding like the black leaders of the last sixty years.  They need to quit acting black or is the new white black. Rush Limbaugh is so Rev. Wright. Saying the same words as the Rev. himself.  Black face where is the black face.  There is nothing worse than a pathetic sissy boy white guy. It’s so unbecoming. Is it reversal of roles are is the Republicans just playing a game.  Whine me a river, white Republican guys.


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