New American Health Care– Rambo Style

July 30, 2009

Health for the taking

Health for the taking






It appears the NRA has been doing us all a favor over the years. Who would have thought they were actually help with health care.  I mean we can have guns any place any time. That will be helpful in the future when we have to force hospitals and health care facilities to care for us and our family. All those sub machine guns and those bazookas will be necessary for us to get the attention of doctors.  As we bring our dying or injured family members for help it might just be necessary to have “fire power” just to get then int he hospitial. As hospitals make it harder and harder to see doctors.  Maybe while we leave to go to work the hospital might just ship our child off to another country. You know just ship them off.  Thank God I don’t have a “foreign” sounding name. Or just maybe they might dump your loved ones on the side of the road to ‘reduce’ cost for their care. These are the new ways that the health care system is reducing costs. You think they might just accidental let a few older folks die just to reduce costs. It really doesn’t sound so unbelievable as it once did. We are forming a new class system in America or at least we are letting the insurance companies do that for us. But if we don’t change things. I see in the future the necessity that a person might have to force a hospital to treat  a sick or dying family member. I think we might just call it Rambo Health Care.  What would you do to save a loved one who is being ignored by doctors and nurses. The days of  “I’ll be back” or  words from Clint Eastwood “Make my Day”  will come for commando family squads demanding health care.  Decked out in full combat gear. I really think this is the health care Americans want. We love to fight for the things we need. Makes us feel alive.


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