Fox News, Glen Beck and Rupert Murdock

July 30, 2009

Fox News

Fox News

I know everyone wants to jump on Glen Beck ass. I know I do.  I however, know that Glen Beck is just a little toy in the Rupert Murdock empire. The latest turd to come to the top for Fox News.  Glen Beck is just a white monkey boy for the powers that be. Jumping around the set like some child with ADD.  Every week there is something outlandish that someone from Fox News is saying. It’s how a garbage cable network stays a float. Glen Beck is not smart enough to have an original thought. He is a reader. It’s the teleprompter, stupid. Rupert Murdock who was run out of Australia has came to America to set up a television network that would work in conjunction with the Rush Limbaugh “Clear channel” radio network.  Two propaganda networks to espouse the conservative doctrine. Glen Beck while reading from the teleprompter called the President of the United States a racist. Even though I never lived in a trailer. I have been called white trailer trash in the past. Fox News is News fit for trailer trash. I have been to the dentist, hospital and doctor over the last month.  Every damn on of them had on Fox News. I wonder what’s going on with that. We have a non-American shaping the laws and politics of this country. All those Southern boys who believe in the American way are being deceived by person who isn’t even American. Is that a joke or what. I don’t care about Glen Beck, he is an idiot. It’s the Fox cable network that is anti-American.  A Corporation that is trying to control the News all over the world. All the jokers at Fox are the rejects from other cable News networks. Fox News is the leader in anti-American racist news reporting. We get everything else from abroad why not get our thoughts from some jerk who has nothing to lose. If all these jerks love being  Americans why are they so proud of  listening to foreign propaganda fromRupert Murdock’s Fox Network. Maybe that song should something about being “proud to be an Australian.”


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