President Obama angry black man?

July 27, 2009

Rush head Limbaugh is calling the President of the United States an angry black man.  Huh. I was thinking that Rush is a very very angry white man with pig like qualities.  I have seen our President working for six months and angry is not what I’m seeing.  I think it’s just Rush Limbaugh calling the kettle black.  Mr. Veinpopping Dude, is just one of those run of the mill rasist pigs.  I know he must dress up in his KKK outfit every night before bed.  Maybe get all butched up and smoking one of his Cubans finest.  Those who are really angry are those fat middle aged men.  Men who have been given the illusion of having some control over their own lives. They are those we see on TV who look like trailer trash.  Men and women who are the base of the Republican Party.  They are the truly angry pathetic ones.  They are from a lineage of white Americas who want something different. Something unlike George Bush or Barack Obama. They are from the sixties who are just dissatisfied with life and will always find something to rail about. Those who are so far on life’s feeding order that they are one race of people from being on the bottom of the feeding chain.  They are the white equivalent of those black who blame white folks for all their problems.  The white angry folks blame blacks for all their woes. The are the white crybabies of America who have nothing to give but hate.  They love Rush Limbaugh because they are “soul mates” in hatred and racism.  They are angry because we have a government that doesn’t protect their jobs and their interest. They are angry about a war we can not win. They are angry just for the sake of being angry. They are angry because that is the ony emotion they have left.


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