President Obama, We are not better than the Republicans!

July 12, 2009

As we set on our hands day after day letting the people who almost destroyed our country go unpunished,  we become no better than they are.  If we ignore what they did we are no better than they are.  If we are like those  in New York City who watched as someone is being assaulted beneath their window and they did nothing then what are we.  If we give Barrack Obama a free ride like the Republicans gave George a free ride, what are we. If you are gay and you have been promised to be treated like a full member of American society but somehow you just see Barack Obama staring down at you from his window.  It’s time to something different.  His race had life times of promises and see where those promises got them. It was the Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and not promises that changed the world for black men and women. Is President flying around the world and “staying busy” so he won’t have see the gays.  It is discrimination to treat people differently because they are different.  Is Barack Obama playing a Uncle Tom card. Trying to please the white military leaders so he will look like one of the boys. If we and the Democratic Party set back like the Republcians did and let their President do as he pleases because he is a Democrat then there is something wrong with us.  If the President will not pursue justice as he is sworn to do then he is George Bush.  I really don’t want to hear President Obama preaching to me. I have had enough of  those nice words. If I want to be preached at I’ll go to church.  No more words Mr. Preisdient it’s time you get of your high horse and do what needs to be done.  It’s time that we start bringing back law and order to this country.  It time you quit lying to the gays like they are some black folk in South Chicago.  No free rides for President Bush and no free rides for President Obama. It’s time we as Americans start rocking the boat.  We have been hipnotized long enough. True justice is not fun or easy but it must be part of America.


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