Dick Cheney–The Man who knows too much!

May 23, 2009

Vice President is one of those career politicians who has seen the pit falls of all the men who went before him.  The EX-Vp is a person who knows all the answers. I don’t know if that’s because he is an old guy surrounded by people he believes not to be as bright as himself or what.  As I see the Republican Party as it is today, I do understand where he might just have gotten that idea. People on both sides of the isles that appear to be so unqualified for their jobs it in it’s self is frightening.  I can imagine how panic set in when people in the Bush Adminisrtation didn’t feel that gut wrenching fear as he did. As his eyes were glued to the TV as the  two towers fell.  EX-Vp Cheney knew he had failed on one of the most important test he would ever be faced with as a politician.  All the Wyoming and Texas bullshit couldn’t be stacked up enough to cover George Bush’s and his failure to protect American people. A man who now believes he has more insight than you or me or anyone as a matter of fact. We are all a bunch of clowns and jesters in his world of his all knowing. His insight goes deeper than anyone else. He is wiser and more astute yet in the end he was a victim of what he thought of everyone else. He was incompetent and George Bush couldn’t with all the power of the United States of America protect it’s people. Even after being warned the arrogance wouldn’t let them even entertain the idea that 9/11 could ever happen. What EX-Vp Cheney has his secret formula that will keep us all safe locked in his head. Like the Rosetta stone it is almost impossible to decode and unlock or be understood by mere mortals. Obama, according to Cheney, just doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know how each piece fits and if you change anything it all falls down and we are exposed forever to the evils of the world. It’a like when you fly and you have the magical little things that will keep you safe like a rabbit’s foot or you keep your fingers crossed as your plane flies across the Atlantic. You know that will make you safe. But in the end it’s a good pilot or good plane maintenance and all the things you don’t see will keep you safe. Cheney is crossing his fingers or holding on to things that don’t matter because it makes him feel safe. The problem is one doesn’t have anything to do with the other.  Does Cheney have that gut feeling.  That gut full of fear and guilt that guides him to keep of trucking. Maybe he is a man that knows too much!


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