Democrats final solution to “the Gay” problem–DADT

May 21, 2009

President Clinton after being elected in 1992 pushed through the worst bill in the world for gays. It was one of those bills that was supposed to help the gays and the gay community. As the years have gone by it has been a sword the anti-gay military has used to empty the military of anyone suspected of being gay.  Billy Clinton (Mr. Blowjob) was wanting the gays off his back so he did what all straight men do. He screwed them.  Letting everyone know that he loves his blowjob by women like Paula Jones and Monica.  The regulation was so in tune with all the straight folks that it was voted into law. So you know damn well, it was a keeper for the people who didn’t want gays in the military.  Again after this election,  17 years later, I said 17 years later. The Democrats and President Obama kissed up to the Gay Community and promised to treat them with respect and all that stuff. But again the election is over and the what, who, and where, gays. What you talking about Willis.  It appears that the final solution for “the gays’ is Billy Clinton’s DADT.  President Obama who got overwhelming support from gays is silent.  Sad thing about DADT it was presented by the most sexually corrupted President we Americans have had for a long while. President Obama who is black, I think he is black.  A man who has missed all those prejudices that other blacks have received.  I know that all those little bitty dreams of gays don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Maybe gays will be forced to wear pink triangles like in the old days of Germany.  We have the final solution already.  Again the gay have learned, don’t expect anything from any politician. When it comes to the gays they are all lying.


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