President, We can not move forward!

May 8, 2009

The President wants to move forward. President and Mr. Nice Guy, we can not move forward away from War Crimes while walking over the died mutilated bodies of America’s torture victims.  We could walk away from “a little Waterbroading” but when we have tortured and murdered 98 human beings then we have to stop.  When the blood starts sticking to our shoes. We must stop.  When there are corpses hanging up side down that have been beaten  to death it’s time to stop. ” Looking forward” is a big lie. Looking forward is a Republican way of handling things.  Mr. President this may, in fact, be your Waterloo if you don’t address what we have done.  All the people who voted for change will not stand for this.  Don’t be a fool by believing we can easily be swagged from what needs to be done.  If it’s OK, under Bush’s watch and you give him free pass. You are no better than he is.  The ‘ex man’ himself Dick Cheney is back again. He didn’t leave well enough alone.  Now we find that “98” humans were murdered while following Mr. Cheney’s orders.  The ante has just been raised.  Mr. Cheney bullshit no longer applies.  Does murder become one of our “enhanced techniques”.  If there was “98” lives listed that means there was probably hundreds. This will come back to haunt us. If water boarding isn’t torture why not use it on criminals and drug dealers. When and where will it stop?  Maybe using it on inoccent blacks or Mexicans driving through a Texas city.  Mr. Cheney is blaming it on the us lefties. I guess America has  changed.   I guess we need to some re-branding. Like the Republicans. We need to get the ole PR boys out and resale America to it’s own people. Maybe we can out source out once proud country to India or China or somewhere else. There’s a bad moon rising.  Mr. President, you are the moral leader of the world.  If you just want to look forward when we are all in trouble.  When we start stumbling over dead bodies we have looked too far ahead.


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