Torture–New hope for the Republican Party?

April 23, 2009

My goodness the Republicans may have found the answer to their prayers. It’s torture. Not so much torture but torture as a divisive tool to side track President’s Obama’s plans for America.   Will the Republicans have the balls to throw EX-President Bush and EX-Vice President Cheney under the bus and let it back over them again and again?  Is Cheney the Jonas Goat for the whole torture issue? He has been a matador with a red cape running around telling everyone he  ok’ed torture.  How the free world has been saved by torturing

Boehner--Torture, new hope for the Republicans

Boehner--Torture, new hope for the Republicans

a person 183 odds times.  I kind of think that it’s torture for the first five time then it’s plain ole stupidity.  Now Bonehead Boehner is calling it torture. So there is another red cape (flag) for us Americans. Maybe the Republicans believe they can alienate the radical right with the call to patriotism wrapped in the flag and the Bible. This could be a new chance for the Republican to drive a deeper  wedge  into the American people.  It’s the Republicans belief that you can divide and conquer.  Cheney sees himself as a true American hero.  He believes that he has an insight that only he can have.  He is going to save us even if he has to destroy us in doing so.


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