President Obama and Torture, stand up like a man!

April 18, 2009

barack-and-jeremiahWell, we are all to familiar with a person being a weasel.  We had one in the White House for eight years. So you know where I am coming from. The Weasel in Chief, George Bush, screwed up everything he touched.  But as I said he was a weasel. We Americans, at least, most of us have ‘Weasel Radar’. It’s kind of like gaydar but it’s for hunting weasels. We know when we are being had. We know when someone is trying to pull a quick one on us.  We all know a flim-flam artist when we see one.  Endless years we had to keep our gag reflexes in check.  Now we can not and will not let torturing of human beings by our government pass.  Mr. President you have misjudged us.  As tears rolled down our faces on election night , in our hearts we believed in a new America.  You cannot let us down.  I will not be kind when I write about you. Not that it makes any difference. If enough begin to write about this injustice maybe you will change your mind.  I will join the right wing nut jobs and will fight tooth and nail for justice in America for all Americans or people on your soil or under our jurisdiction. Again you have misjudged us and our need for the wrong to be righted. You have fail an important test. If you are trying to be nice, you might remember back to President Carter.  He was nice but ineffective and in the end he became a joke. If the Republicans had any brains at all they would be jumping on this in a heart beat.  I guess that answers my statement.  George Bush, tried to destroy America. I hope you are not planning on continuing the course he was on.  We have all been patient but we have been there and do that. I don’t think we can dance that dance anymore.  Our nation is only strong as a righteous person at our helm.  We have set on our hands too long. I don’t think we will much longer.  America has changed. The Republicans are unable to understand that.  Mr. President don’t you make that mistake too.


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