Letter to the Republican Party

March 28, 2009

Well, I have had enough. I mean we need a two Party system in this country.  So I’m going tell you what your doing wrong.  First of all George Bush is gone.  I understand that you didn’t have to do anything but just take money from lobbyists and rubber stamp what the Great Decider wanted.  I think you are going through different stages of grief. You are still at stage one. Denying that you have had a great loss.  You are maybe in stage 2  bargining for something that will not come.  So you need to skip over to stage 5 where you accept what has happened to you.  So that being said.  You need to reach down and pinch yourself.  Maybe really hard to wake you up.  The next thing you need to do is turn Rush Limbaugh off.  That’s it reach over and turn off the damn radio. Rush Limbaugh is the worse thing to happen to the Republicans.  You see he lives in a different world than you guys.  Next thing you need to do is get a bag and start collecting all those tricks and crazy stuff and those consultants and all those things they are telling you. Close that bag and throw it into the river.  Start listening to your own mind and heart. Now if you don’t have one or both of those you are in serious trouble.  My next suggestion is to get the hell out of Washington every chance you can. See how real people live.  Make out like you’re from Kansas Dorthy and look for a heart, a brain and all the courage you can muster. Then come back. Become part of America. Save the Republican Party. You have to quit acting like fools and crazy people.  If you keep listening to those who have money on their minds you going to lose your ass again. It’s about character, guys remember. Stop! Just stop and start using your heads or maybe die on the vine. Your choice.


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