Laura Ingraham and the lesbian Tammy Bruce chat up the First Lady!

March 24, 2009


Tammy Bruce another right wing talking head lesbian and Laura  (my brother is gay) Ingraham are talking trash .  Laura Ingraham is always at her best when she sets back and let her guests rant and rave or make jokes about anyone  left of Rush Limbaugh.  Both Tammy Bruce and Laura Ingraham are part of the 1000 points of light that comprise all the stars of conservative talkers.  One light dims and another light gets brighter. Like twinkling stars.  It’s Laura Ingraham’s time to shine. As for as Tammy, the lesbian, Bruce, I think she might be lusting after the first lady.  After all Tammy appears to be a power puff lesbian so she looking for someone like the first Lady who is big boned and not afraid of  a little physical work.  I guess Laura Ingraham has been white trash for so long she don’t mind mixing it up with a lesbian.  What’s a straight girl to do.  It sounds like two bad girls talking trash and smoking a joint at the same time behind the school cafeteria.  Listen up!


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