Red Herring–AIG’s Bonuses

March 19, 2009

Again Congress and the Senate have shifted the discussion from  “what the fuck happened to Banks and AIG” to “what about the bonuses”.  It like being outraged at Madoff for buying is wife a Mercedes after he was arrested. Then going on for days about how wrong it was. We need to get away from talking about Bonuses and start talking about Congress and the Senate and why this all happened in the first place. Why we maybe will spending a trillion dollars on AIG before this is all over.  This really bullshit at it’s finest. Republicans act like they haven’t been in charge of both houses for the last eight years.   What this really is a’ dog and pony show’ for the American people.  Do you believe that every person who voted for or against that bill knew what was in it.  The Republican Senators didn’t vote for it because they knew it would pass without their votes.  We are getting played again. When did we become the enemy of the State. When did we the American people became the peons and the great governmental body of America become the true country.  When did companies and corporation become partners with our “elected” officials. We are now off talking about bonuses, but my friends what we should be talking about is our governmental body that is no longer responsive to the needs of Americas but to the “good ole buddy” system that just wants us to eat cake. What about that 40 billion profit that Exxon/Mobil made?? There is enough stuff to be pissed about.  We just need to do what we haven’t done in a long time.  Make sure that everyday Americans are treated like that are Americans not some dipshits.  If we want to chatter endless about bonuses then so be it.  Rage against the machine or what. If we were to uncover the real Washington our heads would explode with rage we’ve never seen.  All we can do is bring’um home, retired them all.  You can believe one thing about Washington if they are talking about one thing they are covering for another.


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