Republicans Recovery–Could take longer, be more costly!

March 4, 2009

Boss Hogg

Boss Hogg

I think the Republicans will need to woller in their own crap for a long while.  Some where down the road they have learned that lying trumps the truth.  That’s white noise is somehow a substitute for a political policy. That visions of the Rapture, Atoms bombs dropping on Chicago, hoping for the failure of our government, calling people the Anti-Christ along with having a fat man behind the curtain running the Republican Party like Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard is somehow a political plan of some kind. That calling someone a socialist or a communist is somehow not as spookyas calling them a Republican.  Most people don’t know the evils of those things but they do know the evils of a Party that has gone crazy of the last eight years.  The Party has lied and deceived us all so much they and we don’t know what the truth really is.  Joe the Plumber, whoever the hell he really is can’t and won’t save the party from a total collapse. The Party of George Bush is dead and those who were infected by his type of government will have to go.  They all seem to be in some movie and they make up stuff as they go along.  Lest we forget there was once a Republican Party that appealed to a majority of people not just the just South.  A Party of principle and rules. You think Ronald Reagen would put up with Rush Limbaugh non sense for a minute.  The man who silences Rush will be the next leader of the Republican Party. The man who is strong enough to take the voice away from The Entertainer.  A wounded Party that is paralyzed by it’s own inability to separate fact from fiction.  A Party that believes it’s own press. A Party that will have to wait for the failure of othersto have any chance of recovering.  As they set  in the shadows, waiting for their chance to pounce, hoping for failure is all they have.  While they wait maybe someone with some character might just show up.  It’s appears there a lot of  holy ghost that need to be cleaned out. Maybe an exorist will help. Rush Limbaugh will be the leader until a person shows up.   All I can say is I hope Rush Limbaugh fails because the future of the Republican Party depends on it. Until then it’s maggot pie for everyone.


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