It’s all about Rush Limbaugh, again!

February 27, 2009

No picture just words

All you guys who Rush Limbaugh has by the ole balls listen up.  Rush Limbaugh wants to know why he can’t get women by the balls. It obviously because they don’t have any, balls that is.  Women read men. Believe it or not. They know. They have that ‘sixth and seventh’ sense. They know a jerk the minute they see one. They know a talking turd when they hear one.  They know a guy who arm farts for laughs. They know  other loser guys are attracted to him like they are frat brothers.  It’s that ole, “girls have cutties”.  Another thing Rush Limbaugh locks in on the boy in all men.  He lets them in his world. A world where as long as they agree with him they are one of the boys.  Women don’t need to be in the clubhouse. They have more realistic things to attend to like raising children and maybe being a single mom cause her husband has found a new chick to live with.  Right in the middle of everything. Rush Limbaugh wants everyone know it’s really all about him. Always has been.  MeMeMe, god. What a psycho.  Rush want to pick up a girls. He has came to us a little late.  I find that men who love women are with women. A man who enjoys the company of a women usually will always seek their company.  There is nothing I can say or do to make Rush a woman’s man it has to come naturally.  Rush will have to be happy being a man’s man. Sorry big guy!  I don’t know if I would stick with Rush after he said he owns the men who listen. That’s weird.


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