Ex-gays The things you must hear.

February 22, 2009

“You are so ex-gay dude.” “Man you sure look good since you quit doing that gay thing.” “I guess you and your old man are really close now that you ex-gay.” “You are a real chick magnet since you aren’t gay anymore!” ” I don’t hear those SSS’s anymore since you’re ex-gay.” “Man you are really in to sports now that you are longer a fairy.” “Mary thinks you are really hot, now!” “You don’t go to those Musicals anymore. Haven’t heard you singing those songs from ‘Evita’ now that you are straight.” “The choir director at church keeps asking about you.” “You really seem different now that you have been changed.” “You don’t look any different now you sure your cured.” “Would you like to go on a double with me and Sue. Sue knows this girl she is a little fat but hey she a girl. Right man. Easy lay.”  “Man I guess it feels good knowing that your not going to hell with all the Jews, blacks, Baptists and those whore chasing politicians.” “My mother’s friend said once a queer always a queer.” “I bet it feels good to get Leviticus of your ass.” “Hey, me and some of my buddies are going to watch the game on Sunday want to come there won’t be any girls it will be just us guys.”  “See all you had to do is “think straight”.  “You never really looked like a fag to me.”  “You will be a lot happier straight, we just have to remake you.” “It that a pickle or are you glad to see me, just kidding.”  “You can’t fool me, you son of a bitch, I know you are still a f#@king fag.”

Queer Guy with a queer eye

Queer Guy with a queer eye


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