‘Trust Me’ Eric McCormick and Tom Cavanaugh! Bad Carmen Maranda!

February 12, 2009

     trust-meWell, I have finally given up trying to like ‘Trust Me’. I have all three episodes on my DVR. I was patience. I was so hoping that it would be something really good. I have been disappointed all three times I tried.  It is like two chickens pecking and clucking at each other. Tom Cavanaugh is doing some kind of James Stewart thingy I find unwatchable. His verbal dyslexic performance  had me hitting the mute bottom over and over. I was hoping for Jack Mcfarlen to come to the rescue. The writing is as bad as the acting. The only two roles that have any development are Eric and Tom’s all the actors are kind of shadows or human props. The writing  is either really bad or the actors are destroying any creditably.  There appears to be no direction at all. I really wanted to like this program but as fate would have it, it’s just another step down the road for Eric McCormick  who is hanging on to Will Truman like they are Siamese twins.  Eric is too much of a drama queen for the role he is playing.  There is no one to play off. Tom is over in the corner babbling and hem and hawing. I just can’t stand it. Sorry guys.  I know both can act but this is so ridiculous

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