Seantor who vote against the stimulus package!

February 11, 2009

I guess if all these Republican Senators who don’t think America needs a help out of  George Bush financial cesspool then those who voted against it should ask that their state not participate in it’s bounty. I think that Louisiana will do just fine without all those levies that George Bush promised to fix and didn’t. I think that all those states that still believe in George Bush should show their solidarity by asking to be exempted from receiving said money.  I think the Republicans and George Bush have accomplished just what they wanted,  to destroy the economy of the world so the rich and powerful can take their rightful place is the scheme of things. The Republicans relate all help for the middle class as help for the Niggers and Wetbacks of America. To the worthless and useless of our society.  I don’t think it feels good for us white folks to thrown in the so called cesspool of human garbage by the Republicans.  It’s not their fault because that the way they were taught.  Any help to the down trodden is to help those useless parts of society that they have be taught are of no value to them or their careers.  Any dumpass knows you help the rich and powerful, they can pay you back.  Who want to be known as someone who help some black dude get off welfare. What the hell is the point.  My only positive thing about this whole thing is finally there as not been one Republican or Man of God who has blamed the horrible situation on ‘tek Gays’.  Another thing in admitting something is wrong is admitting the Republicans were the cause.  I know they can’t wait until Obama has been President for a month so they can blame all of George Bush bad governing of him. I think  any state who believes that we are all doing well should be allowed to exempt themselves from receiving any moneys.  Come on All you strong heart men of the Republican Party you don’t have George Bush to blame it on, now it’s you.  In the past, you always had George Bush to blame for things that you do. Sorry he as left the building.


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