Being T-Bagged by the Republicans, sandbagging of sorts!

February 6, 2009

I really get tired of having the Republicans testicles in my face.  Sometimes it’s just hard to breathe.  I know that George Bush ran his administration by T-bagging us all with his macho bullshit.  Americans think that politics is like a football game or a baseball game.  Wear a cheese head and root for a favorite team.  We have somehow come to the conclusion that our government  is just a contact sport. It is more important to root for someone than for something.  We love the banging against each other. Yelling and screaming is part of the wonderful world of politics. I don’t like getting T-bagged then and I don’t like it now.  I’m tired of them trying to strong arm us all like they have been doing for the last eight years.  If we haven’t come to the conclusion they don’t know what they are talking about by now then we never will.  Remember when the way to solve the financial problems in America was to drop the interest rate down a fourth of a point. Where is it now. 3.25%. Can’t go much lower.  I know (faggot boy) Linsday Graham loves to T-bag.  His kind have always loved it. (You’ve heard the old joke when is a faggot not a faggot?  When he is a Senator from South Carolina. There are no faggots in South Carolina.)  Senator Demitt who loves his friend from Louisana, David Vitter the diaper wearing sweetheart of the whores of DC.  That’s what we’ve got leading the Republican Party. A fag and daiper wearing freak.  There is nothing left in the Republican Party except the cesspool that is left after the election and the retirees of the Party who are heading home. The stupid Republicans now have their name on the stimulus bill.  Now they have their mark on it. So if anything goes wrong, guess what. They are to blame.  If they had any since they would have shut their mouth and voted against it. Now they now they are ‘Neros’ of  America. They set fiddling as America fails. I think this will be know as Rush Limbaugh’s greatest hour. That’s right before his the fall. Someone needs to tell the Republicans that their reign is over. They are truly a bankrupt Party or is the Party of bankruptcy.  Maybe they are the only hope for George Bush plans  for America. A World Tomorrow!  They have failed to heed their rules about any sport. Do something, something is better than nothing. They will forgive you if you screwed up but they won’t if you did nothing. Leadership is doing something even if it’s wrong, ask George Bush.


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