Transfer of Wealth in America

January 31, 2009

Transfer of Wealth

Transfer of Wealth

“Transfer of Wealth” is another one of those Republican sayings. It’s almost like a quote from Leviticus for Bible thumpers when the rich and powerful are asked or suggested or forced to give up just a little  money or power to the ordinary people.  I guess that big bus that drives around giving ‘meds’ to people who would die if they didn’t get said ‘meds’.  I think it’s called the Montel bus. That is what you call controlled transfer of wealth. You don’t hear any of the Republicans yelling or screaming about all those bonuses that Wall Street got.  I don’t recall a Republican even saying anything about the bonus’s. They want their Peeps to get all the frigging money they can beg, borrow or steal. So when you hear that phrase you know that your listening to a Republican jerk.  The “Transfer of Wealth” is like Reagan trickle down economy where the rich make butt loads of money and whats left over is given to the underlings of America.  It’s that big lie that Republicans love to use.  It has been proved that the richer are getting richer and the poor getting poorer.  No one called that “Transfer of Wealth”. If you think you are sharing the wealth of this great country, you might want to wake up. The government can’t throw enough money at the banks and at Wall Street.  It’s raining money on the east coast, for the rich and power I mean. For the rest of us it would be a  ‘Transfer of Wealth’.  You don’t see any one with wheel barrels full of money giving anything to anyone on the street. That would be a ‘Transfer 0f Wealth’.  Money belongs in the rightful hands of the wealthy not us poor or middle class folks. So next time the Republicans start their voodoo dance and talk about “Transfer of Wealth” you know it’s all just a wheel barrel full of crap.


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