Gitmo, A prison full of nobodies?

January 31, 2009


Gitmo A Prison full of nobodies?

Gitmo A Prison full of nobodies?

I was just wondering. What if all those guys in Gitmo are just living dummies to fool us Americans in believing that George Bush was saving the world from those Muslim devils.  What if it’s kind of like a movie sound stage.  A government arrests a bunch of guys who look Middle Eastern  who are really not guilty of much. Maybe of a big mouth or some questionable friends. I mean isn’t that a really good shooooow for us Americans.  George Bush the savior of America. All those bad asses who have been corralled in Gitmo.  What if it’s just a big frigging lie.  Why are the Republicans jumping up and down like little girls with high pitched screams. I think they know that Gitmo is another one of George Bush’s big lies. I think they know they are in real trouble. I think they don’t want the truth to come out. I think we have another WMD problem for the now dead Bush Administration and the Republican Party.  I know they want it to go away. I suggest they go along with President Obama cause there is more room when the War Crimes trials begin. If that’s what they want.  Hang on guys. The truth may set them free but it might just put some of the Repubicans freaks in jail.


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