The Big Fat Talking Head of the Republican Party

January 29, 2009

Watch Rep. Phil Gingrey kiss the “Queen M0ms” ass.  Then watch Dick Armey make an ass out himself.  Not worry there is plenty of ass to go around.

After King George left the building there was this enormous vacuum in the party of the Peeholes.  Have no fear the big fat head of the conservative movement is live and well.  And very, very, very frigging rich. I’m talking about Rush Limbaugh. The Republicans have no leader so what do they do they let Rush to the driving.  No time in American history has a talking head had so much power. Maybe Joe McCarthy has wheel such power.  He has Republcians kissing ass like he said  someone else was kissing ass. I think Rush needs a title or a royal name. Something like the “Queen Mom” of the lost boys of the Republican Party.  John “the crying boner boy” Boehner is way way out of his league. Hopfully he will be around for a long long time. Meanwhile all the Republican need to set their alarm clock for when Rush speaks  his holy words to the lost flock.  The only problems is Rush is not a conservative nor is he a politican he is an entertainer.  He is the man behind the curtain in the ‘Wizard of Oz’. He is that giant head in that movie “Invaders from Mars” now on DVD. He is that mythical character ‘Pecos Bill’.  He is like all those to have all the answers, he is full of bullshit. So you guys keep on, keep on, dancing down the ‘yellow’ brick road.  I love a good black comedy. I  love me a big fat talking head.  Time to kiss the Pope’s Ring boys, come on kiss it, just kiss it.


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