Rick Warren–He is a good man in a George Bush kind of way!

January 18, 2009

Most of you guys have probably have already seen this youtube about Rick Warren. It’s the new crusades of the fanatic Religious Right to save the world for Christianity. The old world Christianity that we all know and love.  That religion that has blooded the landscape of many a fine land. He wants his folks to shut their frigging brains down and do what he thinks it takes to spread Christianity around the world.  Kind of a mix between Nazis and the  Jim Jones lovers of Kool-Aid.  He wants his guys and gals to be like Nazi “Brown Shirts”.  To blindly follow anyone who spouts out Jesus and God as their holy leader. Did anyone tell birdbrain Rick that 55 million folks died because of Hitler and all them there “Brown Shirts”.  I do remember the Scripture from the Bible where Jesus was talking about “do all it takes to spread Christianity, you know kill people, stuff like that.  Ends  justifies the means. Yes, Rick Warren knows that people need to think they are the chosen ones. They need to belong to something greater than them self.  Rick is a Flem-flam man. Those Texas Religious college spit them out year after year. Most don’t have too much in brains department but they know how to use people. Rick Warren is doing God work. You think? I guess he is really is. That God that has been nothing but a destroyer of mankind. That God that loves blind stupid people who need guidance from ‘Up Above”.  All those men who Rick mention have all lost because they thought that force meant exceptance.  That they could put aside their goodness until everything was ‘straighten out’.  Then the Zealots lose control they are more evil and more deadly as history has proved. When rules don’t apply to them they are diabolical.  Maybe Rick Warren should use the Muslims as any example of true religion. People who are willing to ‘do what it takes’. Are Rick’s disciples ready to strap a bomb on their child’s back to ‘get it done’.  Maybe force feed their children poison to make a point. Rick Warren is really religiously sick. He is a psychopath that grows his ego everyday.  30,000 mindless people held up signs.  They are like the Iranians or the Iraqis or the Israelis or Muslims in Pakistans who will do what it takes. Rick Warren’s God is a God of hate and damnation and punishment. I have never understood why a God like that gives comfort to a person who is afraid and lost.  A person who pushes goodness aside for hate.  But isn’t that what old time religion is about.  It’s sad that we have so many who are willing to harm  others in the name of the “Prince of Peace”.  Screw love and all those other things that that Bible teaches, chose the Scriptures that makes you pick up the sword. That is the way of true Christianity. It has always been. All our Gods are warriors, and we follow like the genes inside our bones demand we do.  And people like Rick Warren are there to reinforce our nature.


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