Senator Vitter–Only one who voted against Hillary!

January 16, 2009

Davy Vitter

A real man's man

A real man's man

is the only Senator who voted against Hilary’s conformation as Secretary of State.  I guess it was a sign of manhood to the others on the committee.  I couldn’t help picturing him in a diaper as he was asking questions. I keep thinking how much he would have loved to play with Hillary.  Him being the little baby in his big diaper his body cover with baby fat and hair. Hillary being a strong mother type.  Davy being a helpless little boy and Hillary the dominate female.  Such a sick fantasy for a man who should be helping this country get out a mess that he was a part of making. A man who should have resigned when he was caught buying sex from DC “hoes” as most conservatives like to call them.  Mr. Vitter is part of the dying breed of Republican who thought they would rule the world but ended up getting spanked by the likes of Hillary.  A real man by the standards of all the southern boys who know what real men are made.  A back slapping political freak that knows how to spin the yard.  Or may just another psycho boy from the wet lands of Louisiana.  A guy who is still a boy just like your good friend George Bush.


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