George Bush farewell to a damaged America!

January 15, 2009

George Bush EX-PresidentI don’t know what is wrong with me. I haven’t been in the mood to blog for a while. My last actual written blog was in December. I think it must be that what I have been saying for the last two years in my blog everyone else is now saying with gusto.  Tonight is George Bush’s farewell to America speech. I don’t know how he can say farewell to America that he never knew.  He has for the last eight years showed nothing but contempt for all of us and for the rule of law and all things Constitutional.  He always thought we were as stupid as he was. We are not. I think he will find that we are not as forgiving as he thinks we are.  I think there is a long legal road back home to Dallas. I think smirky George will besmirkless before it’s all over.   We were leftys when we didn’t agree with him or Communist, or socialist and traitors, or Marxist or stupid non-understanding idiots.  George Bush’s reign on terror is over.  His reign against all things that are trulyAmerica will end.  He said that he will leave Washington with head held high. Again even a moron knows when to be humble.  The balloon that is the Bush Administration is almost empty of  hot air.  The warm that some of us had for him has now turned cold.  Will American law unleash the rath that he truly deserves or turn away from him and let him go scott free.  I think once he walks out there will be so many legal applications that will be astounding.  Hopfully, Dick Cheney will have to spend all the money he robbed from to keep himself out of jail. There must be an accounting for what these men have done to us. So we will never see this type of thing ever again.  Tonight will George Bush pardon all those crimials that he lead for the last eight years? Will he, pardon himself?  Will he be the coward that we all knows he is and wait until the very last minute to pardon his underlings in the Reign of Terror?   Bye, Bye Georgie, We hardly knew ya!  Blow us a fart on the way out.


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