The Middle(Land of the Bible)East! Same Ole, Same Ole.

January 5, 2009

I guess we all be blessed by the warring tribes of the Middle East until the earth is nothing but a rock hurling through the cosmos. The land of the natural born killers. The home of the Bible and religions and a people who  can’t seem to stop killing each other. Do I care if it’s Israel or Iraq or maybe Iran or any of those countries that in their quest for heaven have become bankrupt and morally corrupted as Satan himself. The Bible ( Koran) has made them into children of a God who appears to hate them all.  Maybe it’s God little lesson to them. If they can live together they can lay in their graves next to each other.  They are the world’s pathetic creatures who appear to have a God who doesn’t care to much for them.  In the 1980’s the war between Iran and Iraq took the lives of 800.000 souls. They have the same God. I don’t know who the joke is really on. Both probably.  Our heads wouldn’t even be turned that way if it was for OIL.  Like the butchering in Africa we could care less. I think America needs to start developing new energy sources. Make those folks over there, not so relevant. I would hope against hope that someday there will be peace over there. I think the only thing that will stop the madness is a mushroom cloud that covers the sand with death and spoils the oil for hundreds of years.  They live in a land where there is no reasoning and  live their lives looking at the sky for a new world and a new eternity.  As we look at people whose hate is so out of control, can they even envision a place called “heaven”.  Every day I realize that our Religions are so out of touch with our needs. The Bible has become the genus of all things bad by people who use it like a sword and not a force for peace.  The definition of  “insanity” is do something the same way over and over expecting a different outcome. We have been doing a lot of things that way and nothing different happens.  I guess we will be the last creatures stilling standing.  The world will one day rid itself of the sorts like us. The earth is just as  unforgiving as our friends over in the Middle East. It’s power is God like.


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