Jesus born on Christmas day!

December 22, 2008



All of us Jesus Christians loves us some lily white Jesus man. I guess the word Christ is where we get the word Christians. I wonder how many of us would run for the hills if we found out that Jesus was black. I mean of the pictures I’ve seen of him he is really really white. Not as white as John McCain but white. I guess we all know that if Christ was from the Middle East he was not all that white. Maybe the color of  Saddam Hussein or maybe the leader of Iran, don’t even ask me to spell his name. I really don’t know why we decided to stick with the Jesus/God religion when we came to America. I think the Indian religion might have satisfied a little better.  I guess we smart white folks needed something written down on paper.  Having the mistaken notion that everything written in the Bible was so very true.  But I have lived on this earth for more years than I like to mention. I have learned at least one thing. Usually nothing is what it seems. People are seldom who they say they are. The truth is  story tellers are not always a truthful yarn spinner. I have been exposed to the Bible like someone being forced fed maggot pie from my birth until I was well into my twenties.  I don’t know if I was naturally rebellious or it was something that was part of my American nature.  Like a kid at a Marionette Show I was the only one who saw the strings. I could tell there was nothing coming out of the mouths of the dancing pieces of wood. I know we need religion. It’s like oxygen, water, and all the other minerals that our bodies are made.  The true origin of us all is the earth but we have your eyes searching the skies for a heavenly savor. The earth  truly should be our focus but it’s somehow just like an old pair of pants or dress, “This Old Thing”. If He is here on earth, He is here where he has made for us.   We will always be of this earthy world. I know we prefer streets of gold,  all those things are only physical rewards.  After death, there is no physical.  One thing I know is we are all sinners. It appears we are surrounded by an ever expanding sphere of evil that we must fight daily like some dragon or monster like that one in ‘Alien’.  I know I don’t hear the word ‘love’ or ‘kindness’ from our religious leaders anymore. It’s about sins and hell. Always a good seller where I can from. I have been at deaths door. I thought it would change me, but no I’m still the guy who cusses like a sailor and sins now and again to stay in practice. I think maybe we are more religious than we used to be but I think we need religion not so much to save us as to trap us in a mindset that we are safe and if we are not safe God will keep us from harm.  And really that’s all Christ is a warm and fuzzy place.  All we humans need is a full stomach and a safe place. If Jesus was black, I don’t know maybe we could all become a little Jewish.


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