Rick Warren, He is a really a wonderful person!

December 20, 2008

rick-warrenI guess Rick Warren is a nice guy. A wonderful guy.  We have all known wonderful guys. Our lives are filled with wonderful men who were oh so wonderful.  Lets do the Hilter ‘thingy’ want to?  Now if I was a regular ole German in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s Hilter would have been a wonderful guy.  He would talk about how wonderful it was to have Aryan blood flowing through our veins and how wonderful it is to be of the superior white race. If you were Jewish, maybe Hitler was not so wonderful.  A white man who lived in the South with a special set of sheets that he hide under his bed. A loving man who went to church as was loved by all the members. He was a wonderful person.  One night a body of a black was found hanging from a tree.  He probably felt closer to God than ever. A wonderful man.  A preacher in California took all his congregation to jungles of  South America. His name Jimmy Jones. He was a wonderful man.  The stench of death somehow may overshadowed his wonderfulness.  I guess the reason I am discussing this is every white man and some black men are telling us Rick Warren is a really wonderful guy. Yeah, right.  A little dejavu of the George Bush kind.  Will Barrack Obama be the new decider guy.  Will he not listen to the outrage like George Bush.  It’s maybe a little message to Gays to get f@#ked.   Maybe he is telling us all that he doesn’t have to listen to us now that he is President.  The frist crack in the mirror.  He might just need Gays and women before it’s all over. All those greedy fat white men in suits don’t like no black guy standing in the way of their glutous feeding on the American economy.  I don’t think he needs to be throwing any group under the bus. Even if they don’t have the power to do anything about it. All snow balls start small.  Barrack better dance with the ones that brought him even if the one of them is a fag.

PS sorry Published before I edited post.


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