A couple shoes for the President, sorry no foot attached!

December 15, 2008

I love me some George Bush, yes sir re!  I would laugh but there is so much sorrow in that country. I refused to make a joke of it. There is too many things that George has done to all of us to find anything about him funny. Maybe creepy or maybe evil or maybe just right down stupid but funny I don’t think so. It would be like finding something amusing about Charles Manson or Hitler. I am just amazed that he still has some kind of aurora about him that he is somehow great and wonderful. I am just glad to know that we will for all times have the image of him dodging the shoes of a man who despised him as much as I do.  He was over there trying to convince

Who laughing, Mr Bush

Who laughing, Mr Bush

us that he is not a coward and we all know better. He and Mr Cheney are scum of the earth far as I am concerned.  I don’t think it’s just the Middle East that despised Georgie it is the whole world. All those Americans and Iraqis who don’t have feet to put their shoes on. That is the true tragedy. I hope this is a new tread for Presidents and politicians who need to know where they stand with the American people. I hope everyone brings a pair of shoes for George on the day of the inauguration as a farewell gift.


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