“We were misled about the WMD!” Pass it on.

December 9, 2008

Mrs. Rice is the latest to utter the “Big Lie” . The last “Big Lie” of the Bush Administration. There have been so many.  The old saying, “In like a lion out like a lamb.”  Something like that. Except that the George’s Presidency has been a sick ride for all of us.  A road less traveled by the sane or the sober.  Eight years of sick  lies and sick jokes by a man who can’t complete a  sentence.  We have all been children of  a lesser God.  I can’t wait until Psycho George picks up all his shit and gets the hell out of town.  He and the little Lady to get on their frigging horses and headed out to the of land forgotten men.  Meantime, all of the Bushstoners want us to believe in a past that never was. They were victim as were we to a lie about the WMDs. I feel good knowing nothing has changed with George or the people he chose to surround himself with.  His Presidency started with lies and have continued unabated for eight years.  Sometimes when the truth was easier he and they chose always to lie. I feel good knowing that I was right about George Bush all along. That those who looked at me and when I said, “This is not good”.  “He is evil and you will see before he leaves office”.  They just laughed. Now they aren’t laughing. I’m truly glad that America finally gets to see what conservatism is all about.  I think  learning by doing is the only way to learn. So I figure we got maybe eight years before we all forget what a miserable life the Republicans have given us all. Words of Rush Limbaugh seem unable to describe how wonderful they all were.  We have seen people at their worse. People with no principles. People with no character. Religious people with no goodness. Not that religion has anything to do with goodness. George had wrapped himself in the flag and held a Bible in his hand. Maybe next time won’t be so stupid or will we.


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