Goshdarn. A week has passed and no blog!

December 7, 2008

Im still alive.  Talked to my friend in Dallas and she filled me in on George and Laura new abode in Dallas.  The Secret Service has bought the mansion next door to them so they can keep them save and secure. They moved into the most congested part of Dallas. The main streets are only two lanes wide. Highland Park and Park Cities refused to widened the street to keep traffic from going through their neiborhood, sorry it didn’t work.  Thirty years ago a person couldn’t get through those street without encountering bumper to bumper traffic. Dallas is so getting what they deserves. The Idiot Son of Barbara Bush Library of the absurd. SMU will be the joke of  academia. Sometimes stupid goes all the way to the bone.  Will George and Laura being living together. Laura stand by your man. Someone has got to.


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