dislexic Cornucopia—Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2008


Well this is the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m probably not going to write much until after the day. So I’m just going to let my dyslexic take over and let my fingers to the walking. I was in Wal Mart today ran into an old associate who was also shopping.  I had worked with her for four or five years a while back.  She told me she was abused as a child. She was born in Germany and blah, blah, blah. You can thank me later. Well anyway she obviously had gone to the other side. She started telling me about Barack Obama. How he was going to take away every ones guns. That he was going to start youth camp like Hilter had done. She was telling how the whole world was going to go to the dogs. Now usually I’m very easy going anyone who has read by blog knows that. I asked her how many guns she had. She didn’t have any. I knew she didn’t have any children, her dogs were her children. I asked her anyway. She said none. I ask her how the stock market was going. It is in the toilet she told me. The world is in pretty bad shape she said. I said, Before I give you the old Kathy Griffin salute lets part as friends.”  I walked away.  I didn’t look back. Where the frigging hell were all the people when George Bush was totally destroying this country.  The economy like it is, maybe no one can afford to refill their anti-psychotic meds. They need to get in touch with Montel. He has friends in the drug business. They can help.  I know I’m a racist, but I fight it everyday. Being born and raised in the South (Texas) it is marbled through me like a well marbled piece of beef. I’m just surprised how pervasive is it. I thought maybe the South but I finding out that it is everywhere. It’s sad. I thought we had come along way. Maybe I just thought more of us Americans. Maybe we aren’t worth those high praises that we lavish on ourselves. It appears that the Churches are the real sinner. They have proved that they can’t be moved.  After all, it has been the glue that has held religion together. American Churches are the most segregated institutions in the world. I luz me some Americans.  My next thing that bugs the crap out of me is blogs. I mean blogs that people abandon like a 1948 Packard. It just setting there in the tall grass in a field and forgotten. It bugs me. If they don’t want to blog anymore close it out. I have a list of blogs that I like, I was checking through them and one or two have posted anything for months. They treat their blog like it was some hairy fuzzy thing they are no longer interested in.  Those are the Pet Rock folks.  Out of sight out of mind. I’m not saying I’m adding anything to the world at large but I know out in the universe someone or thing might just pick my signal and I could change the universe. Another thing is my spell check doesn’t recognized the word “blog” or “Barack Obama”.  What’s that all about. Back to deserted blogs I think there be some automatic zapping of unused blogs after about 6 months.  I hate then someone who hasn’t written anything for six months.  Then all of a sudden,they start writing.  “like I’ve been busy dude and I’m back and I know everyone has just been hanging on to their seats waiting for me to return”.  I think alcohol addition or maybe drug addition should be the only acceptable excuses. Their profiles should also be changed to a person who is distant and uncaring. That will show them.   Sarah Palin or better known as a substitute for Brittany Spear or Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan or Anna Nicol Smith.  Mrs. Palin has been separated from the herd and will be a feeding carcass for the press until Alaska succeeds from the Union.  She has been spotted and marked as a easy target for a press that never lives up to anything but gibberish Unfortunately her fifteen minutes are over. Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  “Hey, Sarah, what’s that behind you a turkey assassin and why are you palling around with characters like that.


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