How do you spell Idaho? B-i-g H-a-t-e!

November 16, 2008

Idaho seems unable to control itself. The state that is more Mormon that the Mormon State, Utah. Idaho has been the place where hate is spewing out like a gusher in West Yellowstone.  A bus full of kids were screaming “Assassinate Obama” on a school bus. I’m talking young kids too young to know what assassinate means. I guess that’s called taught hate. Idaho is just another example of Gods love. The Big Love of the Mormon church. The second example of  ‘good will’  is a farmer pulling a sign on his farm next to the highway . Wanting Obama assassinated. Hanged on his property he would provide the rope. We need to put all our Currier and Ives prints in the trash where they belong. The hate we thought only belong in the South is like a virus that has spread all over the country. All those hate mongers who have been preaching hate are now reaping what they have sowed. I’m not talking Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’reilly or even as vile as he is Michael Savage. I talking the churches and temples of this country who have become the hate and fear mongers of this great nation. Two incidents that happened just a few miles from the Idaho home of Brigham Young University.  There is no words from the Mormon Church. Not a word from the Catholic Church. All those fundamentalist Churchs silent. Isn’t God’s love wonderful. I guess you can’t expect much from the Mormon Church who until recently thought blacks were black devils and couldn’t even be a member of the church. Mormons with their smiling face and their passive/aggressive love believe only what they are told.  They are the Church of talking lizards and a made up past.  I know there is a lot of good people in the Mormon Church. I know plenty of them. If the Mormon Church wises to become more than a church they will have to pay the price. If they don’t watch out they will be know as the church of the “big hate” instead of the “big love”.  Hate crimes are not part of ‘blood atonement’. Where is Homeland Security? I guess checking old ladies at the airport. Welcome to America and it’s home grown terrorist.

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