The Republican Party thinks we are all Pinball Wizards! If you know what I mean.

November 13, 2008

The Republican Party is still nuts. I mean that in the meanest vilest way. You don’t hear that very often, huh? One idiot Republican politician after another keep stating that the reason they lost was they didn’t articulate what they stand for.  Who the hell are we? Tommy, the pinball wizard. You know the deaf, dumb and blind kid. The Republican Party doesn’t need to articulate anything. We have lived it. We have lived in the Golden Age of Conservatism.  What a bunch of dumb asses. They (The Republican Party) may have gotten on the conservative bus but George Bush drove them off a cliff right off.  You can’t bankrupt a nation by being conservative. You can destroy the Constitution by being conservative. You can’t lose the majority of people by being conservative. If anyone is a Pinball Wizard  I guess it is the bunch who destroyed the Republican Party. Let me say that again. The bunch of fools who were in the Republican Party who destroyed it. It has nothing to do with God, country, patriotism or anything else. It had to do with the blindness of a President to see no ones views but his own. It had to do with deafness of the Republican Senate and Congress believing we the American people had no say in our government. Finally the belief that it wasn’t necessary to keep a dialog with the American people going. That government was somehow disconnect from the people it was suppose to be governing. There are no real leaders in the Republican Party just followers. So when all the cowboys hats fly off to where they call home. You can damn well believe that it isn’t teh Ranch. What a joke that was. The Turd blossoms all head back to the land of Alamo, and a land of real heroes and real men.  We will surely feel a sigh of relief. The idiots will have left the building.


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