28% of Americans have the ‘Jonestown Syndrome’

November 11, 2008

George Bush will be leaving in a couple months. He has been the worst President we have ever had.  Then you said, “What about President what’s his name or that other one.”  Well, America is going down the toilet and I think George Bush in the middle of the night is hoping for the ‘big flush’.  He is truely one of those characters that lives the back of all our minds. A man wringing his hands as he smiles at his own image in the mirror. 

As George leaves he leaves a vacumn for those who are left behind. The 28% of those people who would drink Kool-Aid for George Bush. Those who have lost all reason or ability to understand they have painted themselves into a corner.  It’s the ‘Jonestown Syndrome’.  It’s a person who has surrender his beliefs and their very lives for a person who would love to see them all drink Kool-Aid just because they are so stupid. George Bush understood religion and people. He knew how to manipulate and use them to get votes.  This 28% of humanity still believe that George Bush is the greatest President we ever had.  A President that history will somehow transform into something or someone glorious and wonderful. They will look at him in a different light. Our off springs will understand and rejoice in his Presidency.  The thing about the “Jonestown Syndrome” is it usually fatal. The 28% of those have the luxury of just walking away no one will force them to drink. Blind devotion is always fatal. It kills the mind and heart. “Jonestown Syndome” it’s just another word for nothing else to lose.


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