No Obligations to speak the truth! Election lies.

November 9, 2008

I have written about the truth before. Believe me it’s the truth. I trying to defined truth. When Sarah Palin spoke lies about Barack Obama. That he was ‘palling around with Terrorist’. That he was maybe a Muslin. That he was somehow not a real American. She knew she was lying like a rug. When Rush Lambaugh speaks his lies daily or at least 5 days a week, he knows what truth is and he damn sure know when he isn’t speaking the truth. The truth is suddenly not so translucent as it used to be. I mean at one time you could lie with a little truth mixed in and it could pass.  When Bill O’Reilly starts his lie fest he knows what truths he speaks and what lies he utters. It’s not truths mixed with lies, it frigging bald face lies. There is a whole network of liars that live in America like some kind of virus they effects the minds and the hearts of all of us. From Michael Savage in San Francisco to Mr Dobson to all those penny anti want to be from coast to coast. Their lies are more important because what they believe is more important than what I believe or what you believe. They are the demons of our souls that want only to confuse and make us fearful. The are of us but they are from the same vein of our past enemies.  They are the voices of Nazis or the Communist or the Fascists of Italy.  They have names that include God or Jesus or Mahmoud cause those names give them power and believable that they wouldn’t normally have.  If they didn’t use God or Jesus or ‘family values’ or ‘Save the Family’ and all those other names they would be just be thugs or gangs or cults.  Cause how could anyone not believe someone of God. There is a thin line between good and bad. A thin line between love and hate. There is a thin line in what religious organization have become in America and where they are supposed to be. When goodness crosses the line it is no longer goodness but evil, it is amoral. We feel comfortable when we lie to ourselves. At least temporally. It is comfort food for our soul. When we indulged others and let them lie to us we are just fools. I’m not so much interest in Sarah Palin spending $150,000 for clothes but who wrote all those lies for her. Who was the one who convinced her it was alright to lie to us real Americans. Who told her the truth didn’t matter.  Did they have to convince her or was she willing to do it freely.

P.S. Sorry pushed the publish botton my mistake. Think I correct all errors .


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