Sarah Palin–From Vetting to Venting 15minutes all gone

November 7, 2008

Sarah Palin

The American males are at it again. From vetting Sarah to venting Sarah. The whole thing is about boys who lose their toys. They don’t know when to quit. It was like went Anna Nicol Smith died. The male reporters went on and on. Their little sex object was gone and they didn’t know what to do. That is all the Sarah Palin has been and the only thing she  will ever be. A sex object. At first, Johnny McCain got all frisky when they were on stage together. A little Rhode Island Red Rooster. From $150,000 in clothes to a little winky winky. Sarah was there to get all the horny religious guy interested in electing John McCain. McCain thought that women are interchangeable. If Hilary was so popular then they will love Sarah. Now that Sarah is gone, she is gone. She was here just for a moment. It’s time to forget about her. The Republican Party wants to blame her but excuse me they are dumb asses (stating the obvious). They are the one that selected her. So don’t blame her for what she is or what she was. She was what she was. They tried to turn her into a political bulldog but she turned into a nagging bitchy woman that every man loves to hate. She was the stereotypical women. The dumb blond, if you will. The air head. The baby factory. The pretty girl who push men around with her good looks. All those who think she will be around in 2012, you might want to do a reality check. Her fifteen minutes of fame is gone. If you need someone to blame for the Republican loss you have that idiot son of Barbara to blame.  Bye Bye Sarah. Call me!


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