McCain’s Camgaign–What’s wrong with it!

October 26, 2008

Bush's American Gothic


According to the Rovian handbook on winning an election,  John McCain should be right up there with the best of them. But let me see, he isn’t. The magic that was once that of spin doctor and all around VooDoo guy, Karl Rove, has been stripped of said magic. And you say how!  The time of Camelot in the Republican Party is dead. Like that of the Democrats of days gone by.  What killed the video star, it wasn’t the radio.  Truth killed the Republican dream. You say, “What you talking about Willis?”  You see when the world is your oyster and you are doing well you can make believe those lies of Rush Limbaugh are gospel cause you ain’t got nothing to lose.  He can spout his flag and guns and conservative horse crap all day and we can say,” ahmen, brother” cause it’s all show. We have had the luxury of doing that for twenty something years but now a lie is really a lie. You know what I mean. All that double talk has brought us to a really bad place. All that ‘liberal’ talk is empty words. Whatever John McCain has claimed that Barack Obama will do is something that the Republicans have already done. Taxes, what a load of crap.  Double the price of gasoline is worse than a little tax hike. How much more money did George Bush’s government pull in on gas taxes when gas was $5.00 a gallon?  Billions and Billions you can bet.  George’s collusion with the oil companies to get off shore drilling was the final straw that broke the economy’s back.  So now that we are on the ropes and the Jesus and the Bible stuff maybe nice on Sunday morning but a man and his family has to eat. We all know that Barack isn’t a terrorist or a monkey or a Muslim or a Arab and we don’t have the luxury to believe that he is. George Bush has taken our ability to lie to ourselves and let others lie to us away and we are stuck with the raw truth.  Lies we would have believed in 2000 and 2004 don’t hold too much weight now. The beautifully written Rovian handbook of crooks and liars seems to be somehow outdated and non-relevant even silly and childlike. The great truths of past elections no longer apply in a world that has changed so quickly.  It is no longer kinder spiel it is the world of survival.  John McCain’s only fault was he believed that people would believe his lies, baby just one more time.


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