“Narrow Victory Scenario” George Bush words for Election Fraud!

October 18, 2008

In the Republicans attempt to totally destroy the United States of America, they have attempted to destroy a symbol of what America is all about. The ability to cast a vote in an election. It maybe more than a symbol, it may be America’s last stand before the conservatives totally destroy what left of George Washington’s America. If we Americans fall for the crap again like we did two times before we are truly fools and deserve what we get. The Republicans are already talking about a “narrow victory scenario”.  That is another word for Election Fraud. That’s how we got the worst Presidency in American history.  Republicans and their Election Fraud. That’s how we got an economy that’s in the toilet. The Republicans are only interested the rich and well to do. This is probably the most dangerous time in American history. The total end of the American system of government. George Bush is again pulling the strings that will try to guarantee the death of a nation. It’s those damn black trying to steal votes. If anyone would set still for just one moment and think how frigging ridiculous the whole thing is. If the blacks doing this well hell. Most of the time you can’t get them to go the polls anyway. Why would they stand in line for four hours to vote twice.  America needs it enemies so badly especially Republicans who believe we are all surely dopes. Will we be as stupid as Sarah Palin thinks we are. That she has the power over us stupid bunch of fools. I hope we can stand the test of time this time. If we don’t know it, we are in serious trouble and that ain’t no lie. Social Security will be gone the first year of McCain term of office.  The rich will get richer. America will head down that road that 80% say it is the wrong way. McCain and a new America. The death of a proud nation. Sarah Palin isn’t quite as cute now is she. I think it’s time for zero tolerance for Sarah and lying Republican Party. Can you sleep good at night thinking Sarah Palin thinks we stupider than she is? It’s not really up to the blacks of America to change this it up to us whites. The whites of America have total responsible for where we are headed. So we can’t start pointing fingers at anyone but at ourselves. It’s now our time to take America back from the crooks and liars.  It’s time to step forward and not be fooled again. George Bush is the man behind the curtain. Your 501K and your retirement ain’t coming back. They are gone forever! Sucked into the greed hole of the Republicans. Republicans have used voter fraud to perpetrate election fraud ever since the Civil War. The question is will we stand for it. John McCain is so pathetic.


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