6 7 8 9 1(0) That’s a straight, huh. Straight down the toilet!

October 10, 2008

I suprised that John McCain who is a gambling man didn’t catch that right away. As I lose my ass in the stock market John McCain is hiding in plain sight.  He is there but he’s talking crap. I not amused. John McCain is a slug. I’m sorry but I’m using my nice voice today.  I’m having a little Market roid rage at this time. It’s caused by anger against the Machine, the machine of the conservative blood suckers who have raped us again and all John McCain and Viper bitch from the North can talk is crap. Cause neither one of them have a clue. It’s like being on the Titanic and argueing about so nonsense like to gets to set at the captain’s table. I told John McCain to shut the hell. Cause everytime he opened is mouth he sticks his foot in it.  Now Viper 2, that would be Cindy has been called into action. I don’t care if Barrack Obama did when he was eight years old. I don’t care if he like George Bush used drugs in their youth.  By the way where it that MF. I always thought he was a girl. George Bush I mean.  The coward of the county or of the whole world. You choose. I trying to me nice but it’s tough. I just want to know why it’s just McCain and those two Vipers. Where are all the Republicans. Where is the Party’s finest. Oh, never mind. Am probably going to lose my ass and John is a frigging dope.  He is a turd without the blossom.  The losers of the Republican Party are still hoping for a miracle. The years of listening to Rush Limbaugh has turned them all into the fools. They have to hold on to something. Who wants to believe that they are buffoons. All those eggs in one basket and the basket has no bottom.  Screw all the double talking liars who have brought us down this road. Now McCain wants to lie some more. Haven’t we had enough of his frigging lies. We have been suckered. We can’t take another idiot in the White House, believe me we can’t. All I have for McCain is best said by Kathy Griffin. SUCK IT, MCCAIN, JUST SUCK IT! YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF CRAP!


One Response to “6 7 8 9 1(0) That’s a straight, huh. Straight down the toilet!”

  1. katbur Says:

    Aren’t you thrilled that we have not only lost tons in the market but that we’ll be paying for it for years? I swear there is a little bit of my soul that says give the frigging presidency to McCain and let him be responsible for this pile of crap.

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