Why is McCain such a women’s man!

October 8, 2008

You probably wondering why John McCain selected Sarah Palin for VP.  On the last debate McCain suggested a women would be the head of the Treasury if he is elected. The main reason is Madison Avenue  has a new consences about men and women. I worked for Walmart for several years (7).  About three years ago Walmart decided that women are the real comsumers and men were just there to pay the bills. Walmart moved all the women stuff up to the front of the store for easy access to women who were starved to the lastest fashions.  They began to use the word ‘she’ or ‘her’ referring to Walmart customers in meetings.  Men were moved to the sideline and women were targeted as the one who made the decisions on the important question in a marriage. Men were moved to the status of money maker and sperm donor. So like Walmart and Madison Avenue John McCain has marginalized men. Give them their trucks, guns and ‘their six packs’  with some sex now and then. They are happy little boys. Women are who really run this country. Sarah Palin is the prime example of the new Republilcan outlook on men. She is a nut crusher, a castrater. Look at how she treats John McCain and her husband. If you see Mrs. Palin making a speech it is just women seating behind her. It’s the new world of women in politics. John McCain becomes a horny old man every time they are together. He is beside himself with testosterone. He’s probably sporting a iron everytime she is near. Men can’t help themself they are just looking for a place to put it. At least that the way Madison Avenue and the Republican mucky muck seem to think.


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