Stop the Madness–It will end in no good! Out of control! Like the economy.

October 8, 2008

The campaign is out of control like everything in the last eight years. Sarah Palin and John McCain are the icing on the cake that we are all going to have to eat before it’s over.  From the moment that George Bush took office our government has been on a downward spiral.  Now we have two more out of control people whose only dream is to win. They don’t care what they do to this nation. There are those of us who will believe anything bad about Barrack Hiessin Obama. John McCain has become a character similar to Mr. McGoo. A once great and heroic man who should have more respect than he is getting and giving more than he is willing.  He is truely of America. A man who must win at all costs. A man who has decided it is better to be a liar and  dishonorable than a man of honor that he once was. It doesn’t look good on a young man but on a older wisher man it really looks bad.  Sarah Palin is probably the worst thing to happen to John McCain. She is like a whore who has turned John’s head and he is lost in her youth. It’s sad that he has become a lesser person. It’s sad that we Americans are so turned on my Mrs. Palin. We turned away from a woman of honor and respect. HIlary. A women of knowledge and understanding for at cheap joke.  A one night stand.  Like a women of limited beauty Sarah as exploited what she has like all the girls we have know in the past.  She has the personality of a ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and that is cute and adorableon a 10 year old.  On the VP of the United States it’s too Shirley Temple for me.  John McCain and Sarah Palin have become mean and angry. They are Americans who don’t care about America, they care about winning. Hopefully, their evil plans won’t work. I’m not sure America has changed. It’s government against the people. I think they will do fine. God bless America!


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