The World According to Sarah!

October 3, 2008

It’s that new or old gold rush mentality. It’s the mentality that George Bush has. It’s cowboys and Eskimos. It’s  that return to the past when cowboys roamed the priaires that only lasted twenty year tops. It’s has nothing to do with government or governing. It’s a play in four acts. It’s been done and it works like a charm. It is trickery that we fall for everytime. It’s America without a history.  It’s there was no laws before me and I make the laws up as I go. Thank you very much. I am of God and what I do is of God and by God mentality. So why are you questioning me. I’m a messenger from God and I know what is good and right. I speak like I am one of you but I’m not. How can I be of the world and be of God. I speak of six-packs of beer like I drink beer. That’s of course in not of God. So what I am really doing is decieiving you and that’s OK cause I am of God. Anything goes to save the world from it’s endless sinning and works of the devil. I do not speak of love and acceptance but of exclusion and division because that’s how you save the world. I am like all evil you think I’m of God and I had deception as my tool to gain your approval. I appear to be a child of God but I am in a cult of hate and fear. The Republican Party has adopted the principals of religion. What ever you do is right because you are Godly. There is no knowledge, no laws, no history. There is no right or wrong when I speak only when others speak. I can do no wrong. Only others can. That is what I am. What you say isn’t important because I don’t hear you.


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