Can I call you Joe, Joe six pack!

October 3, 2008

Sarah was sixteen again last night. I could see it in her eyes. She was not only the center of her universe but also the center of the world. She had high school written all over for her. The glamour and the excitiment of being loved by the masses. She was all things ‘Joe Six-pack’ and ‘soccer mom’. All homey and down to earth like only a fake can be. She put on her resturant waitress persona. I kept wanting to order some coffee. I think Sarah won last night. I think she won the hearts of America. I think we all want her and family to move in with us. I love Sarah. She is wonderful and exciting. Like a gal on uppers. I bet she can cook a mean burnt toast. I trying not to gush over her after all she could be our President. I loved the way she winked at me and only me.  She did it twice. She was telling me if this doesn’t work it’s sex for everyone. What is the difference between winking and blinking?  I can just imagine what power she will have over the man of the world. I thought for a minute we were watching “I dream of Genie”. Who does that. Winking I mean. What’s is it code for something. I hope it wasn’t just a eye affliction. I know that she and I click last night. It’s was America’s and mine first date with a young sexy lady. When she gave that shout out. I know I was in love.  I knew she understood how to move her booty to get things done. I love the way she took control almost like Dick Cheney. The way she threw the rules out the door in front of us and God. Made it hers. She is truly a conservative with no rules. I know she is a forward looking gal because she didn’t want to look back at what the Republicans have left with. Look homeward Angel. Yeah, that’s it. I really know we have a winner when she said she had only been doing this for 5 or 6 weeks. I knew she was kidding. I know she has been doing this all her life.  Come on America (guys and gal) lets make it happen. Let’s pray for America.  No Fear!


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