Oil and the World of Islam

October 1, 2008

I was just thinking as my automobile was sucking gas into it’s tank and money out of my pocketbook. I thought there should be a little saying or some kind of thanks in that little window saying, “Thanks for making a donation to Al Queda and for help spreading Islam around the world.” Cause that’s what we are doing. All that money headed over to the folks that don’t really care all that much for us. You know the 19 guys who did the deed on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.  We knew that. Some of that oil money we sent  to them (our weekly donation) was probably used to help things along.  We religious folks love hating each other so much that we don’t even realized that we are probably helping change the world from a world of Christians to Muslims.  Looks like  that to me, we should maybe ask where the oil came from that we just put in our cars. I want local stuff from Alaska or maybe Mexico. I don’t want any of the suicide bomber stuff. I’m suprised that the Religious ones aren’t  on top of this. I know that they hate Islam because they hate any religion that isn’t their own. So why aren’t they demanding that we use wind, solar, water to power our country. Why aren’t they demanding electric cars. Why do they love spreading Islam all over the world. Why do they want to embolden the enemy. If I was a good ole Bible thumper, I would demand a responsible progam to change where and how we get energy. That’s not just off shore cause they can mix that American oil with Islamic oil and we wouldn’t know the different. I can’t believe those Bible thumping, flag waving, gun toting Jesus folks are helping destroy christaitiy every time they fill up those big ole hunking trucks. The least oil companies could do is thank us all for helping in the cause of Islam.  That’s praying five time a day. Do you know where Mecca is.  Filler up and get use to the idea.  Ladies, now we see you now we don’t. If you would like to read this in Arabic. Here is the translation site. Remember it is right to left not left to right.



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