777 points in the Stock Market equals $700 Billion in real money!

September 29, 2008

Seems like time is running out

Seems like time is running out

My goodness I do have to laugh. Sorry, I should restrain myself. I do have a lot to lose but what the hell. My question is why did it stop at 777.  Why not  10,000. The reason would be of course the boys of Wall Street have no intentions of jumping out of buildings like they did way back when.  The smart one have postitioned themself for the big pay off. They are not fools. That’s our job. I have been warning everyone that this was coming. I got ready for it about six months ago. Got rid of all my debts and sold my big truck and big auto. You think that all the big boys of Wall Street didn’t know this was coming. Excuse, I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. I think it’s George Bush parting gift for all the loyal boys who kissed his ass for the last eight years. The Streeter knew and they were like the ant and we were the grasshopper.  How many secret accounts are there ‘off shore’. Like America’s job market they have out sourced their own banks. There is probably half the 700 billion in off shore banks. One thing George Bush has always done was take care of his own and that ain’t us. That’s his elitist friends with from Kennybunk Port and the upper crust folks. I can only laugh we have been so used and abused by George Bush. Someone should write a book “You are a fool or a redneck if you still believe that George Bush is still a wonderful President”. The man is batting a thousand. I just so glad I am here to enjoy all the fun and games. Seven seems to be the magic number. Is that lucky or not.  I think we need a little speaking in tongues by Sarah. Never mind George Bush has been speaking in unknown tongues for years.


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