My God. just another day in America

September 23, 2008

The stock market looks like my EKG when I was having a heart a few years back.  Uppzz and downzz like a water clock from ancient times. My God, it’s frigging magic. I think the religious right have just seen the Wall Street Rapture. I wish I didn’t have a pot to pee in then I could just stand and laugh at the maddness that America has become. The four horses of the Apocalypse is here and they are hungry.  Oil, war, money and religion.  It’s time to boogie down. It’s time to see what we are made of. Has all that hardy  European stock turned  fat and greedy . Have we become our worse nightmare. We have all become Freddy Kruger and the world is spinning out of control. Anarchy brought to you not by left wing liberals but by the right wing gun toting, Hymm singing, money grubbing, flag waving, rapture loving and all around fun folks.  Anarchy is usually caused by the people of a country. Not the government systematically causing chaos and confusion. Maybe George is part of the ‘end of time’ crowd. Maybe he thinks he is more of a piss ant than he really is. At lease he is pathetic to the end. A man who is truely a player in the the ‘end of time’ fantasy. Hey, it plays well in Peoria. Mum is still the word from the ‘Eye glass Princess’. No one can ask her anything except the Foxie boys from Fox News.  I never saw a man like Hannity kissing ass like he did with his interview with the “Northern slope gal”. Nothing more sad than a man without a soul.  I’m sorry but that was so pathetic I have to laugh.  I thought it was a SNL thingy. I think America is at her level now. I think we are ready for total destruction of the America. If there is a God, I don’t think he will tolerate mass stupidity.  When you abandon all reason it’s time for the Kool-Aid. So come on America lets do it. Lets elect McCain/Palin or is it now Palin/McCain. This could be exciting. We American love to be frighten, huh.  Come on the water’s fine.


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